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Our story

Music City Dueling Pianos (MCDP) was founded by myself, Chris Hatfield, in 2017 with a mission of bringing joy and entertainment to people.


After working the bar circuit for over a decade as my main source of income, where I dealt with all the politics and early morning flights, I reached a crossroads where I was ready for something new. I have always had a heart for Nashville and a desire to settle down here, and I realized it was time to break away and start my own Dueling Piano/Entertainment business. 


After starting MCDP I was overly optimistic about its success. I quickly realized it was going to take a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and years of word of mouth recommendations and reputational growth to actualize my vision for a booming entertainment company through MCDP. When the pandemic hit, I made the decision to dissolve the business because of the global hit it took on the entertainment industry (a hard lesson learned). Shortly after the pandemic, business for Dueling Pianos saw a boom and a shift in recognition. Myself and the MCDP team played more and more as soon as people started to see just how skilled, professional, and passionate about our craft we were.


It’s been along road but MCDP is finally seeing the fruits of our labor and hard work. Our goal is to continue to grow our  solid team of entertainers, reaching and more and more people through our craft and creating lasting memories.


I look forward to the bright future ahead, and to bringing a rockin' time to you and yours!

Cheers - Chris Hatfield

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