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Choosing your investment

Find the perfect SETUP for your event, from a 2-piece to a 6-piece! 


2 entertainers
2 piano shells
2 keyboards

Full PA: 2 QSC K12.2 Mains with small lighting package if needed. Including 2 sets of DJ 4BAR Quad RGBA LED Wash lights


Package 1 PLUS:
Drums added.

Drums keep the energy up, especially if you want dancing!


2 entertainers
2 piano shells
2 keyboards

Upgraded PA:
2 QSC K12.2 mains, 2 QSC CP12 mains 
2 QSC 18” subs
Large lighting package includes:
(2) 8-ft standing truss’s 
(2) Rotating spot/strobe lights
(3) Wash lights
(2) Crowd flash lights 
(3) Stand spot lights 


Package 3 PLUS:
Horn, Guitar, and Fiddle players.
This will knock the socks off you and your guests. 
Take $1000.00 off for the removal of each additional instrument. 

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